Magikal Gardening

Hello,  this is my first post so forgive me for my ignorance…My main reason, at this point anyway, is to get guidance and advice on beginning a magical herb garden.  I’m not unfamiliar with gardening, I grew up on a farm and we did huge gardens every year.  I never really stopped growing vegetables and some herbs.  Even though it’s some work involved and you have to keep weeds down and watering done, I enjoy it.  I enjoy canning fruits and vegetables and making preserves. A long time on your feet but so worth it when your able to open a jar of peaches and make a peach cobbler in   January.  I really like giving friends preserves as a gift as well.  So I’m not a complete knuckle head but their is always so much more to learn.


So, like I said, I am looking for any guidance on my Magical Herb Garden.  I would like to know what plants I should grow what it takes to grow them individually (the best soil and secrets to growing them well) the best time for each to plant.  Sunlight requirements, which plants are dangerous to animals and some ideas on how to keep them safely away from my animals as well as wild animals. I would like to learn how to dry and preserve the herbs and learn what the best way is to store them and retain their freshness.


Basically, as much information I can get would be wonderful!  I’m looking forward and excited to get started so thank you, thank you for taking the time to help me!